In 2018, Indonesia was the host of IMF-WBG’s Annual Meeting. Syra was contacted by the head of video team to be a part of their big performance event in Bali. My task was to collect all the video files of 8 videographers and in the end, create an aftermovie of that night of the event.

Image credit to maritim.go.id

Production Process

The video team got to check the location a day before the big event. We had to figure out the blocking and type of lenses we needed to use. I just stayed in my tent and prepared all my gear to collect files and charge camera batteries. 

After we finished the whole event, my job wasn’t done yet. I had to take the best parts from the event, and put it into a 1-minute edit. I used music from the event and played around with the footage to make it look interesting.


I had footage of 2-hours events x 8 videographers. All in high-quality. It was really hard to choose from! I managed to get an interesting aftermovie with the footage.

What the client received

  • 1-minute 4:5 format for IG Post