Zabenno was contacted by a Somatic Movement specialist, AS* (United Kingdom). Her brand was launching an online somatic movement training course and needed a whole video production team to sort out her course.

Production Process

In this project, we took 2 full days to shoot the online training course. The production involved 3 professional lights, 3 angle cameras, and a wireless clip-on mic.

The post-production phase (video editing) was mostly going through the footages and adding text throughout the video.


To get a better picture of the the movements, we needed to get an overhead shot. So we used the limited equipment we had and placed our camera 3-meters high!

What the client receives (per video)

  • 2 – day videoshoot
  • 28 video lessons


  • Production Company – Zabenno
  • Producer – Syra Adinda
  • DoP 1 – Arga
  • DoP 2 – Rizky
  • Video Editor – Angga

*name undisclosed