Zabenno is working together with videoplanner.io (a video production tool for filmmakers) to create their website animations. The app is looking to turn their brand into an 80s retro style, colorful and fun. Rather than using real images, the app decided to use animations to visualize what their app is about.

Their app mascot is…… drumroll a HEDGEHOG! So we created a series of animations with a lot of hedgehogs to tell the story.

Production Process

From a simple sketch and idea, our animator was able to visualize the idea through pixel art animation. The animator starts with the main object, which in this case is a Hedgehog. After the main object is complete, we go into the background.


The app and brand is still in their early stages figuring out the vision. Our team had to step up to help them find the right animation to visualize their services.

What the client received (per animation)

  • 16:9 animation for Website
  • 4:5 animation for Instagram post
  • .MP4, .GIF, and .MOV format


Production Company – Zabenno
Producer – Syra Adinda
Animator – Azwar