Zabenno loves to experiment with lights and color. We decided to play around with RGB lights in different forms; from light tubes, panels, bulbs, to Aputure video light. While playing around with RGB lights we created short cinematic clips in the theme of ‘surrealism’.

Production Process

We found a beautiful space to film in Bali, Indonesia. Our video producer and team is always craving for some creative visual. This time, we want to play around with colorful lights.

Within a night we got together a team, talent, and location for production the next day. During production, we got creative and used anything around the space (including the refrigerator!).


What we created

  • 8 short cinematic videos


  • Production company – Zabenno
  • Producer – Syra Adinda
  • DoP – Patria
  • Gaffer – Ipus
  • Behind the scenes – Lulu Sulastri