Syra worked together with Tastemade Indonesia (Indonesia) to produce social media travel content. Tastemade is well-known for their cooking videos. They are now creating travel, craft, and many more. The content was produced for all their platforms; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Indonesia has plenty of hidden gems that are not yet known to the public. Tastemade Indonesia wants to cover these hidden gems for their travel content. Syra took 5-weeks traveling East Indonesia to explore new places and culture.

Production Process

I travelled to North Maluku, Indonesia. Through my connections, I managed to get local friends to take me around and explore some hidden gems. I was able to get aerial and underwater footage to compliment the basic footage from main camera. Once I have collected all the footage, I created a script for the video. From there, I am able to edit the video with the approval of the Tastemade team.



When creating travel content, you are challenged with the weather. While Syra was traveling, it was the rainy season (wrong timing). We were lucky to still get some really nice hot days, but there were definitely long days of rain. In this travel, Syra got to experience the biggest wave tide and current in her life. Also, scuba-diving with sharks!

What we created

  • 5  x Output Videos for Social Media (each output explained below)
  • Script writing
  • 16:9 duration 3 – minutes
  • 9:16 duration 1:20 – 1:40 minutes
  • 1:1 duration 59 – seconds
  • Thumbnail shots


  • Producer – Tastemade Indonesia
  • Videographer – Syra Adinda
  • Editor – Syra Adinda